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October 2012 rings in another year in the fight against breast cancer.  We have a lot to celebrate in regards to how much progress has been made to diagnose and treat the disease.  But until it’s eradicated, there will always be a Breast Cancer Month.

The Personal Care Products Council Foundation in cooperation with the American Cancer Society, helps women with cancer learn how to apply makeup to mask the signs of the disease and effects of treatments.  Participants are taught to apply makeup to give the impression of eyebrows and eyelashes.  Tips for dealing with dry or burned skin are provided.  Attractive coverings for the head are also discussed.

It’s difficult to worry about appearances when fighting cancer.  But studies have shown that feeling good about oneself while battling a life-threatening disease can provide a huge psychological boost.  It allows you to take control, retain your beauty (inside and out), and fight your disease, one day at a time.

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