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Stress and Sex

There’s no doubt that surgery, medical conditions, and cancer cause stress.  There is obviously the physical stress of the illness, but also the mental stress of dealing with all the consequences of being sick.  In the February 12, 2012 issue of the Detroit Free Press (my hometown news), in an article titled  “Don’t take stress to bed”, various types of stress are discussed along with ways to deal with its effects.  The type of stress caused by illness is referred to as “critical stress”.

Several suggestions for dealing with critical stress are outlined throughout the RecoverSex website.  Being patient with yourself, supportive of each other, and maintaining hope that you will resume sexual relations are all essential strategies.  Regaining your sexual self will help you to be truly healthy again.  Some relationships weather these types of medical challenges very well and end up stronger than they were before the illness.  Sex can actually help to ease “critical stress”!

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