Quick Tips

Once your knee is replaced, you can have sex when your incision is healed and you feel more comfortable, usually around 4 weeks.  You will have swelling and feel tired at first. During this time you’ll most likely need pain medications.

Waiting to have sex until you feel more like yourself will result in a more pleasant experience. It will also give your knee the opportunity to heal successfully.


Once you are ready to have sex, you can do several things to make it more pleasurable.

Avoid kneeling positions at first. Eventually, when you are completely healed, most surgeons allow you to kneel but you might not be comfortable doing so for several months. Check with your surgeon to make sure this is the case. At first, stay relaxed and use positions that are comfortable for your knee. Pillows can be used to support your knee. You might find pain medications, either narcotic or over-the-counter, helpful to keep you comfortable. Plan sex for a time when you are well rested.